A guide to GPU server rentals for 3D artists

Are you considering hiring a server rental service to improve your 3D rendering experience? Here is a guide to GPU server rental—what it is, who is it for, and how to get the most out of it.
February 2, 2021/by Herald Sandoy

GPU rendering optimization guide

GPU rendering can be a faster alternative to CPU rendering but may require more optimization. Read on to find out why and how you might adjust your projects to leverage rendering on a GPU.
January 30, 2021/by Herald Sandoy
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GPU rendering solutions and what’s best for me

As a Redshift or Octane user doing animation work, you need to know the GPU rendering solutions out there and what’s best for you. Is it GPU server rental, GPU render farm, or GPU hardware upgrade?
August 11, 2020/by Herald Sandoy
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GPU rental and other services: How the digital world can help you with a deadline

Seeing a 3d project to its completion is a daunting task. GPU Rental and other online services can save time and ensure deadlines are met. Learn what online resources are available to 3d artists.
July 27, 2020/by Herald Sandoy

Blender 2.8 beta + Xesktop: Harnessing the power of 10 GPU cards on benchmark scenes

With Blender 2.8 well into its beta stage, we thought it would be fun to test one of our servers on the Blender open data benchmark scenes and let you guys have a look at the resulting render times for each.
July 19, 2019/by Herald Sandoy

5 Situations in 3D Production Where GPU Power is a Must-Have

For everything from traditional rendering, taking previz to the next level with real-time rendering, by letting us edit heavy scenes without fear of crashing, GPU power is where it’s at.
May 9, 2019/by Herald Sandoy

Real-time rendering and The CG industry

Real time rendering has become quite a buzz as of late, especially with the integration of real time rendering to your favorite 3d program's viewport, but what is it exactly, and will it leave traditional raytracing behind?
May 8, 2019/by Herald Sandoy