GPU calculator

GPU calculator

your OctaneBench 4 score:

your frame render time:

number of frames to render:

servers to rent:

rent time

TIME 1 hour


PRICE (without prepayment discount)

Total price Price per server hour
$6 $6.00/h

If you pay everything at once the price will be lower:


Total price Price per server hour
$0 $0.00/h

Prepaid bonus: $0

  • We have 2 types of servers.
  • - 10x GTX 1080Ti 11GB vRAM
  • - 8x Tesla V100 16GB vRAM
  • Visit our features page for detailed specs.

Please refer to our pricing page to learn about the cost of our servers.

The billing starts when you launch the machine and stops when you turn it off. The machine is charged per minute of use. The minimum credit purchase is $10 USD.

We don't provide any software and licensing (i.e. for Octane or Redshift) with the service. We simply rent a machine with clean system. You can use your current license or purchase a new one.